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    Custom Component Manufacturing

    Since 1996, Technical Products Inc. has been providing customers with made in the USA engineered and custom parts. We offer:

    • Custom machining services for metals and plastics
    • Fourslide and progressive die stampings and wire forms
    • Pogo pin and custom electrical connectors
    • Injection molded plastics
    • Aluminum die castings in A380, A390 and A360 alloys
    • Aluminum impact extrusions
    • Plastic and graphite seal rings including Omnilip® and Omniseal® spring engergized materials
    • Engineered materials such as Vespel®, Meldin®, Teflon®, PEEK® , PPS, Torlon®, Inconel, Gold, BeCu

    We can offer engineering assistance and help designing or reverse engineering. Send us your request and we will respond the same day!


    Industries We Serve