About Us

Technical Products Inc (TPI) has been representing cutting edge manufacturers for over 20 years.  Our multi-man agency covers the East Coast USA in a technical sales function.  We specialize in providing engineered component sales to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  TPI has thousands of contacts in major companies in our territory.

Members of:

Manufacturers Agents National Association (https://www.manaonline.org/)

Electronics Representatives Association (https://era.org)

We Specialize in:

We specialize in precision electronic and mechanical components:  Pogo pin, Otsby Barton, and spring loaded contacts for board testing, battery contacts, compliant connectors, and battery chargers.  Custom electrical connectors and cables.  Fourslide stampings and Progressive die stampings with in house tool making.  Wire forms up to 5 dimensions.  Mechanical assemblies.  Aluminum die castings made from A380, A390, A360 alloys with secondary machining in house.  Precision aluminum, steel, inconel machined parts 3 foot cube maximum milling and turning.  Injection molded plastics and assemblies.  Spring loaded teflon seals, teflon gaskets, rubber components, bellows, Vespel, Meldin, Plavis, PEEK, Delrin, PTFE, Torlon, and machined parts.  Reverse engineering of parts.   

Our Staff

We are unique in that all of our associates have 4 year engineering degrees as a minimum.  This allows TPI to connect with even the most advanced OEMs.  We call on engineering and purchasing to specify technical components in the product they are making.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow existing and new customer sales through a modern, cooperative, professional sales strategy.

Our Commitment

TPI has principals with long term relationships of over 20 years in some cases.  We avoid any conflict between our client’s products and value loyalty and integrity above all.