Electrical Connectors and Pogo Pins

Made in USA in ISO 9001 Facilities

Everett Charles Technologies
Pogo Pins

  • Largest manufacturer of spring loaded contacts
  • Battery probes, high frequency probes, high current probes up to 100 amps
  • Machined probes in standard and custom sizes
  • Beryllium copper, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, brass, nickel silver,
  • Hypercore materials
  • Gold, rhodium, nickel, LFRE, Hypercore coatings
  • Crimp, solder, wire wrap, round post, fastite termination types
  • Wide array of tip sizes and geometries
  • Bias ball design available
  • Semiconductor, PCB test, Industrial test, OEM applications

Custom Connectors

  • Spring loaded and straight pin connectors and cable assemblies
  • Provides probes in custom plastic and metal connector bodies
  • Design expertise for unique applications with full data sharing
  • Low profile accordion connectors
  • Docking station and data ports
  • Medical device cables
  • Prototype expertise

Everett Charles Technologies manufactures pogo pins and electrical connectors in Rhode Island and California. Unique to ECT is their ability to produce both pogo pins and connectors within the ECT group of facilities thus giving ECT the ability to control critical components and offer a cost effective electrical connector solution for their customers.